Driver Takes Off After Hitting Toddler

Philadelphia Police are searching for the driver who hit a 4-year-old boy in Germantown and left the scene of the accident.

"I completely just wish they turn themselves in," said Andre Wright, victim's older brother.

Investigators say the boy was walking along Germantown Avenue with his teenage sister and they were about to cross at Seymour Street, when the boy let go of his sister's hand and darted into the street.

Surveillance video shows the driver of a S.U.V. hitting the toddler and knocking him to the ground.

Vincent Saunders witnessed the accident and talked to the driver.  "He got out of his car and walked over, I said to him, 'You hit that little boy.' I told him to park on the side, but he spun off." 

The surveillance video shows the driver getting out of his vehicle, and staying on the scene for a few minutes before getting back in his S.U.V. and taking off.

The toddler, named Andre, was rushed to Einstein Medical Center. He was discharged with minor bumps and bruises.

"He's a strong little kid. And hopefully it doesn't break his spirit about watching out for cars. Hopefully it'll teach him to look both ways," said George Wright Jr., grandfather.


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