This Summer's New Hot Dogs

It was only a matter of time before the outspoken Scott Schroeder of South Philly Taproom and Nick Macri of Southwark would get together and make hot dogs. Ok, maybe it's just us, then. But, this truly is a great partnership, as both believe in honest cooking with a lack of pretention, and deliciousness over nutritional value. Lucky for us, they're launching a cart called Scott Dogs in the near future.

While we've endorsed Schroeder's Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, he has a deft hand with housemade charcuterie as well, as evidenced by his collection at SPTR's Farmhouse Dinner each year, which featured an appearance by Nick Macri this year. Macri has recently taken over the role of sous chef at the cocktail Mecca on Bainbridge Street, which has quickly risen to the top-of-the-heap in the world of cured meats and terrines.

The team will make Detroit Hot Dogs, in honor of Schroeder's hometown, with snappy-casing and toppings like homemade relish, cheese sauce, and beef-heart chili. The dogs will be cooked in Kenzinger beer from Philadelphia Brewing Company before nestling under a pile of those artery-clogging accoutrements. The first appearance of Scott Dogs has not yet been set in stone, but MealTicket is reporting that we'll get a taste at the May 21 Wheat Beer Festival at SPTR, followed by a cameo at the Food Trust Night Market on June 9. [The Feast, Meal Ticket]

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