The Dead Milkmen Rise Again!

Philly Punk rock legends reunite for gig

Philly Punk Legends, The Dead Milkmen, will return from obscurity to play a sold out gig at the First Unitarian Church on Sunday October 26.

Back in 1983, as Philadelphia was on the top of the sports world with a championship win from the 76ers, The Dead Milkmen were getting their start.

Joe Jack Talcum, Dave Blood, Dean Clean, and Rodney Anonymous jumped head first into the wild world of punk rock.

Their musical style has always been hit or miss.
Hit -- if off-the-wall stoner/slacker punk rock with heavy Philly accents and snotty, brilliantly immature lyrics appeals to you.
Miss -- if you're anyone else.

Their songs range from titles like "Girl With the Curly Hair" to "Punk Rock Girl" in a dizzying blend of acoustic rock and classic messy punk.

Whether you love them or hate them, The Dead Milkmen are national punk rock gods and will always be Philadelphia legends.

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