Bar Crawl for the Snooty

We can't all ride the Erin Express

Thirteen of the city's best Irish bars are ditching cover charges, offering food and drink specials and free, full-day bus transportation.

But we can't all ride the Erin Express. And that's where the 1st Annual Highbrow Beer Crawl comes in.

Hosted by Varga Bar, it's all about drinking the best craft beer, not necessarily the most beer (which might go against the whole idea of St. Patrick's Day we suspect).

For $15, you get "unlimited and continuous bus rides to Varga Bar, Triumph Brew Pub, The Khyber, New Wave Cafe and The P.O.P.E. through 10 p.m., notes Yelp. Just in time to stumble home and get up for church the next day.

Thanks to uwishunu for the tip.

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