The Future is Bright

Date: Saturday, March 17
Theme: The Future!

6 p.m. Drinks: Pod
Start your night at Stephen Starr's Kubrickian-futuro Japanese sushi spot with finger foods and Zen and Tonics (Green Tea liquor and Hendricks gin), at a neon-lit bar that looks like the perfect watering hole for Roy Batty, Pris and other Nexus-6 replicants.

8:30 p.m. Movie: Metropolis
Take in a fully-restored digital copy of Fritz Lang's futuristic 1927 silent masterpiece at Macy's Grand Court, accompanied by Grand Court organist Richard Conte on the Wanamaker pipe organ as he utilizes much of the original Gottfried Huppertz score. Tickets are no longer available online, but inside sources tell us a few more seats will be released just prior to the show's beginning at the Juniper Street entrance. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Place: Macy's Grand Court
Tickets: $50/$40 for PFS members (see above)

11:00 p.m. Dance Party: 6EX 6EX 6EX
Caught in the wondrous complexity of Lang's hallucination-like visions, you'll nevertheless need to snap out of your dreamworld and get your body moving again. Consider shifting gears by taking in the wondrous splendor of DJs Dennis Wolffang, JHN RDN, Jane Pain and Alex Leigh as they work their Cyber-Goth Dark Wave magic on your libido.
Place: Barbary
Cost: $5 at the door

1:30 a.m. Aperitif: Hotel Palomar
It's been a long, wonderful night so far, so keep the vibe going at Philly's trendiest hotel where you can just squeeze in a finely chilled Martini before closing time in a ragingly neo-modern bar that looks straight out of some upcoming Michael Mann sci-fi flick. If you like, you can also book ahead and spend the night in one of their ultra-luxe rooms/suites as well, just be prepared to pay for the privilege ($269-$519).

Theme Night: Wherein we link two or more great events and happenings by a single, dangling thread and encourage you to take a chance and participate.

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