The Eagles Hang on to Slim Playoff Hope

Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid take heed to the words of Vince Vaughn and put on your earmuffs, fans aren't done talking about the bleeping thing you called a game in Cincinnati -- not by a long shot.

It’s funny how things work out; Americans turned back the clocks for an extra hour of sleep but in the long run lost about four hours on that debacle against the Bengals -- thanks.

Just last week it looked as if the Eagles playoff chances were a long shot.

But after week 13 in the NFL the city is still clinging on to a wing of hope -- a half broken wing.

The Eagles (6-5-1) followed suite to the Cowboys (8-4) drowning of the Seahawks last Thursday by flossing their best pre-2005 team imitation by stuffing the Cardinals in Thanksgiving’s Bird Bowl.

Whoever said you should leave the past behind?

Sunday, the Giants (11-1) showed no mercy burning the Redskins (7-5) and further separating from the rest of the NFC East and NFL.

So as the Birds flutter into these last few weeks like a turkey loaded with buckshot, they have given those few fans that stuck by the team a little holiday hope as they circle the wagon back around to pick up any fans who dare rejoin the journey.

Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The Birds have played themselves into the ninth spot of a six-team NFC playoff hunt. 

Heading into week 14 here’s how the battle to the Lombardi Trophy is playing out.

The Giants, Buccaneers (9-3), Vikings (7-5) and Cardinals (7-5) are all tops in their respective, or in some cases disgraceful divisions, thus automatically in the playoffs.

The final two slots would go to the Panthers (9-3) and Falcons (8-4.)

The Birds play the cowboys and Redskins the final two weeks. The two division rivals are standing in the way of McNabb and Reid keeping their jobs as the most hated men in Philly or getting shipped to the next their cities.

Those two games mean nothing however if the Birds can’t pull a David and take out the Goliath of football in the Giants on Sunday. As the underdog, maybe they’ll get some help from the Big Guy upstairs -- start praying.

Beat the G-Men and the Eagles will still have to take out the woeful Cleveland Browns on Dec. 15.

If you haven’t picked up on it the Eagles need to win out if they are going to get into the playoffs. Not an easy task for a team that is more up and down than Wall Street. 

So yes Andy, that tie against the Bengals was just as bad as a loss -- if Philly won than the Birds and ‘Skins would be even in the playoff hunt. Just another reason for us to gripe and moan about that monstrosity that we just can’t seem to forget.

Essentially the Birds shot of making the playoffs is slimmer than the possibility that Thanksgiving leftovers are still lingering in your refrigerator, but hey, that drumstick duo could always come out of nowhere even if it’s in the form of one Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid.

All right, its safe to take off the earmuffs now.

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