‘The Dark Knight' Returns to IMAX

Even months after The Dark Knight debuted on the big screen, the Franklin’s IMAX screenings were sold out. We heard tales of Batman fans trying to buy tickets for a show weeks and weeks away and finding—much to their dismay—that only the 10 a.m. screening had tickets available.

Good news to those who missed their chance to see the film at the Franklin the first time around: Starting Saturday, January 24, and running through February 22, The Dark Knight returns to Philly's only IMAX. And this time, the film’s garnered eight Oscar nominations.

Those who’ve learned their lessons will buy tickets ahead of time—far ahead of time. And the Franklin’s offering a sweet deal to those who do: $44 gets four tickets, four popcorns and four sodas.

For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the Franklin’s Web site.

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