The Art of “Sexting”

The days of passing notes in class are over. Teens are flirting through text messages and email, but, little do they know, what they're sending could qualify as a felony.
"Sexting.” You know what we’re talking about; it’s been in the news recently:
In Wisconsin, an 18 year old was arrested for posting nude pictures of his 16-year-old girlfriend on the Internet.
In Seattle, cheerleaders are in trouble for snapping nude pictures on a cell phone then sending them out on the Internet.
This x rated trend among teens is called “sexting.”
Melanie Young doesn't bat an eyelash when it comes to sending salacious pictures. She's 18---any younger than that and it’s against the law.

“Any of the pictures I have ever sent don’t have my face it’s more like body shots,” Young said.

It’s a felony for children under 18 to receive naked pictures on their cell phone. And, taking them can constitute pornography production and distribution charges.

Melanie has seen the risqué behavior have real, humiliating consequences for one of her friends.

The pictures her friend sent to a guy ended up spreading around to two or three different schools.

Delete those pictures from your phone. Don’t send them to anyone. And, don’t take anymore. This advice comes from Attorney Clint David who is urging teens to spare themselves the embarrassment or even worse, jail time.

Police are taking these cases seriously.

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