Tequila's is hotter than a summer night in Philadelphia

Saturated in wood from top to bottom and decorated with candles to illuminate some of the dark, the décor at Tequila's is tastefully beautiful. There are Mexican inspired murals covering the walls that lend some color and flair as well. During the summer, outside seating is available.

The menu has so many great items that it may be difficult to choose. In the appetizer arena, start off with the ensalata chipotle ($12), a fresh and zesty spring mix topped with tomatoes, onions, and rich avocados. The dish is served with a chipotle pepper vinaigrette that’s potent without being heavy. The ceviche de atun ($15) is also a great choice, though a bit pricey. It comes with strips of sushi-grade tuna marinated in a creamy coconut broth. Mixed in with tomatoes, cilantro, lime, and pepper, the dish boasts varied flavors. The empanadas ($9) are noteworthy as well, homemade and with fresh ingredients that change daily.

All the entrees are awesome, with a few that stand above the rest. The salsa tequila is a popular dinner item that offers some interaction from patrons. Pick either fresh snapper ($25), grouper ($22), or jumbo shrimp ($23), and then have it fused with Chile de arbol (adds smoky flavor), butter, garlic, and lime. This choice is simple (not to mention a lighter portion), but very fresh and rich on taste. For those with a bigger appetite, the enchiladas playa ($24) never fails to deliver. The enchiladas are flour tortillas stuffed generously with lump crab meat and shrimp. The dish is served atop two sauces of creamy poblano and chipotle peppers and finished off with scrumptious Chihuahua cheese (for those who aren’t familiar, this is basically a better version of mozzarella).

Tequila’s has recently made some significant changes to the desert menu. Every item used to be shipped in, but in a wise move they ditched that angle and now make everything in house. You really can’t go wrong, but the churros ($7) are especially delectable. They’re basically funnel cakes structured into the shape of sticks, so they are easy to dip in the three delicious homemade sauces including cocoa, caramel, and mixed berry. Also try the crepas cajeta, or crepes topped with a caramel sauce made out of goat milk with vanilla ice cream ($6).

For those looking for a high quality Mexican dining experience in Philadelphia, Tequila’s will not let you down. Within the same price range as the competition El Vez and Lolita’s, Tequila’s is a consistently superior experience worth seeking out.

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