Do You Know the Stun Gun Mall Brawlers?

One week after Philly's stun gun mall fight went viral, the identities of the two women involved remain a mystery.

The fight became symbolic of outrageous Black Friday behavior around the country when one woman, who'd been punched and yanked to the ground, pulled out a stun gun and shocked the other. But by all official accounts, after bystanders and security broke up the fight, the women walked off into mall-brawl oblivion.

Police don't know who they are.

"No reports were filed and no calls were made to 911," said Philadelphia Public Affairs Officer Christine O'Brien.

Franklin Mills Mall management doesn't know who the women involved are (and would really just love to have this whole episode fade away).

"Neither one filed a report and neither was injured," said mall spokesperson Lauren Fyke. "At this point, no, we really don't have any further comment."

Nautica workers who saw the stun gun brawl don't know who the women are. And one week later, they still don't know what started the fight, which took place right outside their store.

"Nobody knows what it was about," one worker, who didn't want to be identified, told us today.

The fight video, captured by 20-year-old shopper Mike Napolitano on his cellphone, has been viewed by nearly one million people on our website. It made headlines across the country and across the pond on sites like the Daily Mail. Even comedian Jon Stewart weighed in with some late-night lyrics about Black Friday behavior and the commentary he's so famous for:

"Just something about the holidays; reminds us of how we like to gather with our loved ones around the crackle of a stun gun," Stewart said. "That's just Philly though man, we just know that's just a little spirited."

Often, with attention like that, someone pipes up and says, "I know who they are!" Maybe that's the real shocker here...

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