Cheap Chica's: Stretch Your Dollar at Department Stores

If you’re looking for aggressive markdowns and super sized sales, look no further than your local department stores.  These large retailers are often forced to move high-levels of inventory in a very short time frame to make room for new merchandise.  In order to get the job done, they have to offer large discounts, but that’s good news for you, because their loss becomes your financial gain!

Here are some easy tips to help you find the best deals and save the most money next time you hit up your favorite department store! 

1. Keep an eye out for the big sales events: Many department stores offer terrific sales at least once a month. These sales are highlighted in your local newspaper ads and even on TV. You can find some unbeatable deals if you get in on the action early! 

2. Subscribe to the store’s e-newsletter: Many stores will send out exclusive coupons through e-mail.  You’ll sometimes find better deals than what’s printed in your weekend circular and you’ll also find out about special sales that may not be advertised on TV or in print.

3. Start with the Clearance Rack: No matter how tempted you are to shop the new merchandise first, go to the sale section first.  You can find discounts of up to 75% off the retail price and you can also use your coupons on top of the sale price to maximize your savings! 

4. Shop mid-week: While many stores heavily promote their big weekend sales, they usually need to move some merchandise beforehand to make room for the new sale items.  Instead of fighting with the weekend crowds, shop on Tuesdays/ Wednesdays to take advantage of some incredible deals! 

5. Use a store rewards card or a credit card at the register: Many stores like to reward their loyal customers by offering an extra percentage off your purchase if you use their credit card.  Nine out of ten times, you can bundle your store coupons with this exclusive offer to save some serious cash on all of your items! 

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