Shore Indulgence at Nickelby's Country Store

The crowds begin early at Nickelby’s with some folks still in their pj’s stumbling into the welcoming shop in need of the basic vacation breakfast essentials: sugar, caffeine and maybe some eggs thrown in for good measure. Nickelby’s serves it all with a comforting charm equally as sweet as their famous sticky buns.

The bakery is one of the most popular spots in the shop with cookies, brownies, strudels and scones fresh from the oven. Homemade sticky buns (with walnuts, raisins or both) and homemade cinnamon buns topped with cream cheese icing are a must! The donuts are scrumptious (the simple vanilla iced is highly recommended). But I’m warning you now, it might be a little tough fitting into the ol’ swimwear after a few days of Nickelby’s hard to resist pastries, but hey, isn’t that what vacation is all about?

Besides their sweets, the country store is also the place to go if you lost your boogie board, need a hoodie for a chilly shore night or just a few food staples. The rustic all wood interiors give the shop a homey quality that’s a respite from the frantic downtown club scene of Sea Isle. Here things are slower and weary partiers can peacefully recharge for another day at the beach with frozen java chillers and fruit smoothies. The breakfast sandwiches are a popular quick fix, including the breakfast hoagie, smoked Whitefish bagel and steak and eggs sandwich.

Adjacent to the country store is Nickelby’s caf�, which serves up a rather extensive bistro-style lunch menu that includes vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers and hoagies.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll to this country store and bring along your completed shore reads as Nickelby’s complimentary book exchange will ensure you never go without a good beach book or tasty donut.

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