Shop it to Me

One web site helps you score big

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, savvy shoppers are logging on to a new web site that acts as a kind of online personal shopper for sales!
It's called

It lets you know when major retailers have marked down your favorite clothing brands and styles in your sizes!

Kari Musselwhite is a fashionista on a budget.

"I do nothing but sale shop. I'm red tag only," Musselwhite said.

But this high school English teacher, once named best dressed by her students, has figured out how to use her computer to track down the mark downs. does the bargain hunting for you.

Here's how it works:

You just go on the site, tell them the brands you like and the items you're looking for and your sizes.  Then, will send you e-mails as often as you like, showing you where you can buy those items, on sale online.
It's easy to sign up.

"They have tons and tons, over 250 brands that you can pick from. You get to pick specifically the designer that you're interested in and the stores that you're interested in," Musselwhite said.

Musselwhite gets her e-mails twice a week and always scrolls through to see the bargains.

"You can e-mail stuff to your friends, so it's great for holiday shopping," Musselwhite said.

The site offers a great way to save, without bucking the crowds at the stores.
The site features current clothes and not just past-season leftovers.

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