Drivers Abandon 85-Yr. Old Victim

Beloved elderly woman's death leaves void in neighborhood

Frances Gordon was walking home from one of her usual trips to the library when her life came to an end at the hands of a hit and run driver.

The 85-year old was crossing Church Road at Old York Road in Elkins Park, Pa. Monday afternoon when she was hit by a white van, police said.

The driver stopped for a minute, but quickly jumped back into the van, which had a ladder on top, and sped off. Police say the unidentified man wasn't the only person to keep on driving.

"Two vehicles behind him also took off," Cheltenham Twp. Police Chief John Norris said Tuesday. "A third vehicle did stop."

Gordon was rushed to Abington Memorial Hospital, but later died.

News of her passing shocked neighbors who called the woman who walked up to six miles a day "elegant and intelligent."

"I’m in total disbelief," said neighbor David Kaplan. "I don’t know how I’m going to tell my wife and family about this. We’ve known Fran for nine years since we lived here.”

Others have a strong prediction for the man who took their beloved friend away.

"The driver of that van is going to have something terrible on his conscious if he doesn't come forth…and be riddled with guilt," said Florence Hannah.

Gordon was laid to rest Tuesday. Police are asking those with information to call 215.855.1600 x476.

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