Say “I Want You (or Anyone Else)” With a V-Day eCard

Having trouble trying to tell that special someone how you feel this Valentine's Day?

Maybe, you're just trying to find that special someone or maybe just anyone to snuggle up to this V-Day.

Whatever you are looking for there is a great way to say how you feel thanks to the wonderous Internet.

Leave it up to the hilarious people over at to ask someone to be your Valentine.

SomeECards offer humorous ecards for free. The cards are like "two-second Daily Shows or Onions between two people," said founder Brook Lundy.

There are plenty of tougue-in-cheek ecards that you can email for Valentine's Day. Each one with the special blend of sarcasm and 1880's-style graphics.

These are some of the favorite V-Day offerings, according to Lundy.
"Hug a loner this Valentine's Day"

"I'm so happy I happen to be dating someone in February" is a personal favorite of Lundy's.

And those romantics out there can let their feelings be known with "Let's Spend Valentine's Day alone together."

Click here to check out the entire list of V-Day offerings.

Of you can always opt for a relationship-geared ecard that has nothing to do with February 14.

This is one of our personal favorites here at "Just saying hi in case you're not, as I assume, out of my league."

There is even a chance to do some wooing with SomeECards.

The witty SomeECards crew even came up with a great way to ensure at least one lucky guy won't go dateless on Valentine's Day. They are offering a V-Day date with their own gorgeous (here is her bio photo for proof) writer J Courtney Sullivan.

Check out this link for your chance at love (well at least a dinner date).

All the lucky guy has to do is woo her with his words -- now that's a challenge.

So how did this whole funny ecard thing get started? started in April 2007 after Lundy, a Lower Merion native, couldn't find a good ecard. Lundy pitched the "worst idea ever" to his buddy Duncan Mitchell to start their own ecard site -- the rest is history.

The site now offers hundreds of ecards for every occasion from Christmas to birthdays to Bastille Day (that's right -- Bastille Day).

What's interesting is that they get their most traffic on non-traditional-greeting-card holidays like Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's Day rather than Mother's or Father's Day, according to Lundy.

So here is to putting some laughter into a happy Valentine's Day thanks to a simple email.

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