Roman Brings Wednesday Tastings to Mica

Chip Roman's newly-popped Mica is continuing a tradition that has become part of the Blackfish experience, the Ingredient-Focused Tastings on Wednesday nights. For $45, each diner gets to experience four courses of fishmaster Chip Roman and Lacroix alum Jason Cichonski's work, which changes each week based around a certain ingredient. This week, lovely lobsters are the feature of the night, and we happened to get a hold of the menu:

1st Course:
Lobster Carpaccio, Thai Apple Salad, Truffle

2nd Course:
Lobster Claw, Coddled Egg, Asparagus, Black Trumpet

3rd Course:
Lobster Tail, Peas, Maitake Mushrooms, Miso

4th Course:
Manjari Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs Ice Cream

If you haven't checked out Mica yet, the rain clouds have cleared, and it's supposed to be a nice night. So, get on your horse and head to Germantown Avenue for some lobster goodness. [The Feast]

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