Reid Divorces McNabb by Figurative Text Message

Let’s say you've been happily married for a decade.
You've enjoyed some wonderful years together but more recently, slowly moved in different directions towards an imminent divorce.
Do you announce the breakup to your spouse in a text message?  Email? Or through a mutual friend?
In essence, that's what Andy Reid did to Donovan McNabb on Sunday.
Because when you bench a franchise quarterback, there will be irreconcilable differences and divorce is just around the corner.
So we've come to expect as a matter of courtesy that when it happens, the coach would personally tell the quarterback.
Instead, Reid sent Donovan's position and quarterback coach, Pat Shurmur, to alert McNabb that second year man, Kevin Kolb, would start the 2nd half.
I predict on Monday, Reid is going to be surprised that there's a backlash on this issue.
That's how out of touch Reid has become.
Obviously, getting benched at halftime isn't the same as dissolving a marriage, but in football terms, it's often the first step to a final separation.
By it's very nature, the quarterback position deserves more attention than the other 52 men on the squad.  He's the leader, the unofficial team spokesman and often, the face of the franchise.  That's why it's monumental when one is benched, released, traded or retire.  Often, those announcements are made in the company of the owner, city officials, an entire organization and the player's family tree.
That's why there was a shock wave through the media corps when someone asked Reid after the game how McNabb was notified of the benching and he nonchalantly mentioned that he hadn't yet even spoken to Donovan.  It was McNabb who confirmed after Reid's press conference that Pat Shurmur informed him of the benching.
Even those who aren't McNabb fans will be surprised by this.  And the Eagles will go into damage control Monday because they will have misjudged how this will resonate with their fan base. 
Because most people consider being notified of a demotion by the boss a common courtesy that should have been given to a loyal soldier, a franchise player and a good employee - even one whose best years may be behind him. 

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