Q102 Personality Fired: Will You Miss Diego?

The recession continues to hit home as everyone seems to be in danger of losing a job: Q102 fired longtime local radio personality Diego Ramos Tuesday.

According to Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News:

“Longtime Q102 personality Diego Ramos, who was recently part of the Elvis Duran and the Morning show, was fired today, as part of what we hear are Clear Channel budget cuts. "It's the business," Ramos said moments ago. "I'm happy to have worked at one radio station for 18 years." A station spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.”

Did Clear Channel make the wrong decision? Are you going to miss him? Will your morning commute change forever? Or is this a “good riddance” situation? Then again, there's always the off-chance that you have no idea who this guy is.

Weigh in here. Tell us what you think by commenting below:

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