While Pure (formerly the 2-4 Club) has a rep as one of the best gay and late-night clubs in the city it also has the history to back itself up. During Prohibition, Pure was a speakeasy, which explains the secret passages and tucked-away labs for bootlegging. More recently, it was the notorious nerve center of the Philadelphia gay scene in the days of disco. Recently reinvented and reopened with a makeover to die for, the 1,000-capacity venue finally feels like a real destination again, with a dazzling light and sound system and an elaborate array of velvet couches, chandeliers, animal prints, giant fish tanks and swank new bars. Two sizable dance floors provide a choice of nightly soundtracks, and the third-floor catwalk lounge allows for some rest and people watching from above. Pure Pink consistently draws the best house and techno DJs from around the country. The regular clientele is friendly, open-minded, free spirited and predominantly gay. Bathrooms are unisex and the dress code is minimal, so expect close, sweaty quarters.
1221 Saint James Street
Philadelphia, PA 19176
(215) 735-5772
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