President Bush, Totally Smashed

Take out your frustrations on the former President

There are inauguration parties and there are inauguration parties. Zot Restaurant and Bar is giving customers a chance to swing a large stick at the former prez as he exits from office. Now that's an offer few would turn down!

Tonight, Zot is throwing a Bush Pinata Party, where they're giving anyone who wants it, the opportunity of a lifetime -- without the legal repercussions such an act may cause in the real world (to say nothing of the ass-wupping you'd get from those Secret Service guys). Yes, we can!

As if that weren't enough, the restaurant has also put together a special three-course prix fixe dinner (so you'll have plenty of strength to take a good whack). Diners can choose from appetizers like Caesar salad, mussel chowder and a cheese croquette, and entrees that include an entire kilo of mussels with frites, black pepper hangar steak and salmon Hawaii. All that food plus dessert will run you a mere $20.09. You can't beat that price with a stick!

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