Philly: We're Ugly, Mean and Now, We're Girly

Mars Snackfood recently announced "America's Manliest Cities." See how Philly stacks up and which city is the manliest.

So just what makes a city manly? Probably not what you think. The study, commissioned by the very manly snack COMBOS, was based on criteria like how many professional sports teams your city has, the popularity of tools and hardware, oh, and most importantly, how often your city holds monster truck rallies.

A city can lose ranking points for things like high mini-van sales, a lot of subscriptions to beauty magazines or an abundance of home furnishing stores and spas.

Obviously, it's all very scientific.

Of course, Philadelphia is a city full of spas, salons and a multitude of other characteristics that cause ranking point deductions. We came in at 30 (and I'm thinking it's a good thing). Not too manly and not too metro...we're jussst right.

Topping the list at number one is Nashville, Tennessee. The Music City is pretty darn manly what with cowboys, pick-up trucks and a whole bunch of monster truck rallies.

Rounding out the top three are Charlotte, NC holding the two spot and Oklahoma City at three.

So what is the least manly city in the country? New York (although I can't say I'm surprised, you’re just not very masculine).

To see where other cities ranked, click here.

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