O'Hurley's Ode to The Perfect Dog

National Dog Show host, actor John O'Hurley shares his thoughts on the dogs in our lives

National Dog Show host, Seinfeld actor John O'Hurley, shares his thoughts on the dogs in our lives in the poem below called, "The Perfect Dog." [see below]

O'Hurley is hosting this year's show again.

You can see it live, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 17 and 18.

Tickets are still available.

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The Perfect Dog

My son asked a question as little boys do
Of me in my wisdom and all that I knew.

“Is there a dog that is perfect?” he asked on a whim,
Well, I thought and I thought about where to begin.

“He’d have ears that were floppy… or cropped and alert
And eyes that were sleepy… or perky and pert,
He’d leap like a bunny or sit in your lap
And run fast as horses… or opt for a nap.

“A dog that is perfect would be covered in spots
Or maybe one-color … and then have spots-not.

“He’d be small as a teacup… or big as a house,
With a nose that seemed flattened … or long like a mouse,

“He’d swim and he’d hunt with a coat flying free
Or be dainty and delicate … and ‘He’d’ be a ‘She’

As I struggled to answer, and not with a clue,
My son, with a smile, said, out of the blue,
With the wisdom of children, what he already knew…

The dog that is perfect … is the one next to you.

- John O'Hurley

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