Can I Get That With a Side of Oyster Scrapple?

Oyster House introduces their own spin on a Philly breakfast favorite

Yes folks, it’s true. A Philadelphia breakfast favorite has a new twist -- the Oyster House is proud to bring you their one-of-a-kind oyster scrapple.

So what, exactly, goes into this novel concoction? Oyster House owner Sam Mink gave us the scoop.

Instead of pork, they use oyster juice and whole oysters. Add some buckwheat, cornmeal, a dash of fennel seed and cayenne pepper, and you’ve got yourself a new spin on an old favorite.

“This dish definitely raises a few eyebrows, but once people try it they really love it,” says Mink.

Oyster scrapple is only offered during brunch on Saturday’s. Mink said it goes great as a side to their sunny side eggs. A side of the scrapple is $4, add the eggs and it'll cost you $11.

Fear not, oyster shells and other shellfish remnants are not ingredients in this scrapple.

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