October 10th Is Your Westy Bowl

By now, you know that Brian Westbrook signed with San Francisco Monday for a relatively scant $1.25 million. And wouldn’t you know it, it just so happens that Westbrook’s new team will be facing off against his old team on October 10th. In prime time on NBC, no less.

That’s right. Circle your calendars people, for the night of October 10th shall forever be known as the night of the Westy Bowl! REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED FOGGY!

It took Glen Coffee finding God and retiring suddenly for B-West to land in a new home. There’s little doubt that Westbrook’s role with the 49ers will be to back up Frank Gore and maybe see spot duty on third down. But Gore has only played one full 16-game schedule in his career, so Westbrook may end up starting at least a game or two somewhere down the road. Who knows, by the time 10/10 rolls around, Gore could be nursing a nagging hammy injury and Westbrook could be squaring off against his old mates as a full-timer. It’s unlikely, but not completely out of the question.

B-West’s signing means that the two biggest stars from the Eagles’ offensive past have now officially found new homes. There’s a certain sadness to that. On October 10th, I think plenty of Eagles fans will see Westbrook going against his old team and feel sad that Westbrook will never play for Philly again, and certainly will never be the fabulous multi-threat back that he once was. Certainly, the Eagles did what they had to do with Westbrook. He was getting older and his next shot to the head will be his last as a pro. But there isn’t any of the bitterness or mixed emotions with Westbrook that there are with Donovan McNabb joining Washington. Westbrook was a great Eagle, and now he can’t be an Eagle anymore. That’s just how it goes.

There’s a finality to it all that can’t be avoided. You’ll never see Westbrook as he once was, and that makes you appreciate all the more what he did while in an Eagles jersey -- especially given the suddenness of his decline. It’s a shame the Westy Bowl won’t be taking place at the Linc, because despite their reputation, I don’t think a single person in Philly would boo Westbrook if he were to step on that field once more.

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