Norcino Coming to 17th Street

The crew from The Corner has teamed up with the craft bottle experts from The Foodery to launch a new venture on 17th and Sansom in the next few months. The restaurant is tentatively titled "Norcino," and will feature the handiwork of John "Chainsaw" Taus matched up with the insane beer selection from The Foodery.

The restaurant will be a showcase for Taus' expansive skillset. During lunch hours, the restaurant will have a service counter where guests can order housemade charcuterie sandwiches, as well as fresh-roasted turkey, and in-house brines, like sardines and pickles.

After 5 P.M, the space turns intop a sit-down full-service restaurant, highlighting housemade pastas and breads, and fresh locally-sourced ingredients that will be hyper-seasonal. The tease of garganelli with prosciutto and asparagus cream all made in-house is the stuff of drool-filled dreams.

The dining room will have 35 seats, and the option to choose any of The Foodery craft beer selections available in house to enjoy with your meal. During dinner hours, beers will be specifically picked to pair around the specials for the evening.

While this project sounds like a monumental undertaking for both The Foodery and The Corner, we wait with baited breath for the first slice of mortadella to fall away from Taus' knife. Stay tuned to The Feast for more details as they emerge. [The Feast]

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