No Cause Yet in Allentown Home Explosion

Explosives have been ruled out as a cause to Tuesday's explosion that disintegrated a home and severely damaged two others, according to Allentown investigators.

No criminally suspicious activity is suspected, according to investigators.

Today crews dug through the bits and pieces of what was left of the home at 1341 St. John Street hoping to pinpoint the cause of the blast that was so powerful it could be felt more than a mile away.
UGI officials detected no leaks in the gas lines throughout the neighborhood Wednesday but they have not ruled out natural gas as a cause.
One likely source could have been the home's appliances -- which have yet to be checked, said Allentown Fire Chief Robert Scheirer.  He said they found no evidence of explosives, fireworks or anything else suspicious inside the house.
Officials are calling the explosion the miracle on St. John Street.

Two brothers were home when the house exploded. 

52-year-old Cesar Coto was found on top of the rubble. He suffered minor injuries and remains at Lehigh Valley Hospital in stable condition. 

Coto's brother, 41-year-old Miguel Irizarry, also suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital Wednesday.

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