‘Net Sensations Jared and Lil Bust a Move

Jared and his 99-year-old partner in crime document their trip to NBC10

Jared and Lil, "They're the two best friends that anyone could ever have," they're family and they're pretty much the funniest people on the Web. 

Jared Polin, a Bucks County native, recently began filming conversations with his 99-year-old grandmother and posting them on Youtube.

And just like that, the wacky pair have become cyber celebrities.

Of course, NBC10 couldn't resist the chance to meet them.

Check out Jared's footage from behind the scenes here at the station. He had his friend film everything from the drive in to Jared's warm-up to Lil's introduction to Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz to Lil giving Lori Wilson her thoughts on her grandson's hair.

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