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Image by reeltor99 via FlickrOk, so it looks like I'm hard at work writing this blog for your pleasure, but I'm actually on the way to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to catch my flight to Los Angeles (LAX). Though the weather is probably warmer there than here (I'm in Philadelphia writing this earlier this week), the weather is not why I'm going.

Tomorrow is REBarCamp Los Angeles, (actually being held in lovely Pasadena) another one of the many ReBarCamps which have been springing up across the country.

ReBarCamp is

an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

I had the pleasure of attending the very first ReBarCamp last July in San Francisco just prior to the Inman Connect event. It was boisterous, friendly and educational. The camaraderie was intense, as were a number of the sessions.

This year, the REBar Camps have really taken off, with events being held in New York and Virginia and more Camps scheduled all over the country, in fact yesterday I visited sites for REBarCamp Philadelphia which will be held on May 27th at Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS, located at 1341 N. Delaware Ave. - Suite 200 - Philadelphia, PA (just north of Penn Treaty Park where William Penn signed his treaty with the local native Americans).

I know that I have enjoyed the experience and increased my knowledge every time I have participated in an RE Bar Camp, and I think almost anyone will. And if I don't see you tonight at the welcome for ReBarCamp LA, then I hope I'll see you in Philly on May 27th!

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