Movie Monday: “Night of the Living Dead” in 3-D

Catch a movie for just $3

You don’t have to hit up a United Artists theater or the Ritz to see a movie. The Trocadero got its hands on a state of the art DVD projector and a brand-new full size movie screen. That means that every Monday, you can head to the Troc, grab a drink, and watch a film.

Three dollars gets you in the door and goes towards a drink or snack of your choice. Plus, the bar will be open all night!

Get ready to be scared out of your mind because this week’s movie, "Night of the Living Dead" starring Sid Haig is coming to you in 3-D.

As an added bonus, if you get to The Troc before 7 p.m., you get a FREE beer, FREE popcorn and FREE 3-D glasses. 


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