Man Shoots Kmart Manager in Head

Shots rang out in a Northeast Philadelphia Kmart Tuesday morning leaving one man in critical condition.

The shooting happened on the loading dock of the Kmart located in the 8800 block of Frankford Avenue. Shoppers and employees at the Kmart were shaken by the gunfire.

Daryl Anthony Birch, 30, is wanted by police in the shooting.

A female employee of the Kmart was arguing with her boyfriend, Birch, when he showed up to the store. Their argument moved to the loading dock area at the rear of the store.

Birch then allegedly fired a semi automatic, shooting a 35-year-old male three times, in the head, right arm and chest, according to police sources.

People scattered as the gunshots rang out. Caught in the crossfire was a store manager who was trying to break up the fight, according to Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore. 

The victim is in critical condition at Frankford-Torresdale Hospital.

"I would imagine him doing anything to help someone out... help any of us in there, he's a great guy and I'm just shocked to hear this happen," said Kmart co-worker Ron Shippart.

Police are searching for the suspect who may be driving a gold colored Nissan Sentra (Pa. License Plate: GFG3029).

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