Lykke Li Thwarts Robbery Attempt?

Swedish alt-dance chanteuse who played a vibrant show at the TLA last night, also might have inadvertently helped the victim of a robbery at gunpoint. An unidentified concert goer reported on his Facebook page that he was in the process of being mugged after her show, but only had $1 in his pocket and the Lykke Li ticket stub from the concert.

According to our lone witness, the robber upon seeing this, jumped back into his car and yelled "you got punk'd," leaving our hero unhurt, and dimly amused -- still holding the $1 bill. True, the incident sounds suspiciously like an apocryphal internet story, but whom are we to judge?

In the meantime, the actual show was plenty thrilling unto itself, with the 22-year-old alt-pop sensation -- dressed for some reason in either a graduation gown or judge's robe, depending on your perspective -- spent the evening tearing it up. All in all, it sounds like a pretty decent night for our unnamed victim, either way.

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