Love Triangle Tragedy in South Jersey

Neptune Restaurant owner dies. Police say he shot another man.

When it comes to love, three is almost always a crowd.

That may be why both men involved with the same woman ended up dead in the early hours of Tuesday morning on Capricorn Farm in Upper Deerfield Township.

One man was shot to death. Police say the other set his own vehicle on fire.

Here’s the state police version of how it all unfolded:

Shortly after midnight, homeowner Lisa Marcontonis heard shots. She found live-in boyfriend, 67-year old Joseph Martorana, wounded on the floor of her home.

Ex boy-friend, Theodore Marcontonis, whose name she had taken when they were dating, was standing there.

Lisa called 911.
Her ex-boyfriend left.

State police arrived to find a car in flames. A body was inside. The car was registered to Theodore Marcontonis.

He is the long-time owner of the Neptune Restaurant in Vineland. A man who had a reputation for helping others.

Shooting victim, Joseph Martorana, died at Cooper Hospital. He owned the property right across the from the shooting scene at Capricorn Farm, where he ran a small construction company. Martorana was also well known and liked in the community.

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