Let the Cardboard Battles Begin

This weekend, Philadelphians can get dressed up, get outside and beat someone over the head with a cardboard tube -- all in good fun of course.

It sounded like a rather bizarre happening -- how could this be for real. But after event posts on Craigslist and Facebook promoting the event popped up, we wanted to know more. Like what the heck is cardboard tube fighting and who would actually put on such an event?

Basically the "tube duels" let people reenact their favorite Braveheart, or maybe it’s Renaissance Fair, moments or just freestyle in a tube fight. It’s hand-to-hand combat with cardboard tubes instead of swords.

The basic goal of the combat -- don’t break your tube.

And there is a warning -- expect welts and “possibly bruises.”

The Seattle-based Cardboard Tube Fighting League started a few years back and they basically bring big tube battles to cities. In the past they held events in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco -- this summer it’s Philly’s turn.

"One weekend only, I'm traveling to the east coast... to seed new groups in Philly and NYC. I'm big into DIY and creative costume enthusiasm... I'm hoping they will show up in their best cardboard costume and battle," league co-founder Ravin Pierre told BoingBoing.net.

They encourage people to dress up in cardboard armor (with some duct tape holding everything in place). They even give out prizes to the best-dressed warriors.

But, don’t bring your own tube. To avoid any possible legal problems the league will supply the tubes, according to the Craigslist post.

The tube fight will be held Saturday starting around 12:30 p.m. on the lawn across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art .

The free event will be open to anyone older than five years old. "It's a family friendly event," said Pierre.

Check out photos from past tube duels on Flicker and this cardboard fight from San Fran to see what it’s all about:

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