Lebowski Fest Hits Philly

For all you dudes who know and love "The Big Lebowski"

Lucky for all you Lebowski fans in Philly, you too can join in on the White-Russian-drinking, rock-throwing, bowling extravaganza this weekend when Lebowski fest comes to Philly for the first time ever.

It all began one hot July afternoon when two guys, Scott and Will, began reciting lines from "The Big Lebowski" out of boredom. Turns out that they were really entertained, so they decided a convention for people who love the cult comedy might be a ton of fun. There are conventions for tattoos and politicians and pretty much everything else, so why not throw one for all the people who love "The Big Lebowski?"

So they picked a day, rented a bowling alley, printed some flyers and lo and behold, the first-ever Lebowski Fest was created in Louisville, Kentucky. The nationwide annual event is here this weekend.

The two-day party starts Friday, Sept. 25, at the Electric Factory. The show is at 8 p.m. with live performances from Black Diamond Heavies, a special appearance from the Pin Heads and then a screening of the movie. Tickets are $20 and all ages are welcome.

Saturday, Sept. 26, is the bowling party at North Bowl, on N. 2nd St. This night celebrates the movie with bowling, costumes, trivia, and other contests.

Sorry all you underagers, but this party is only for the 21 and over crowd. It starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $25 in advance and $30 the night of. Your tickets include the bowling and your shoe rental.

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