Lacroix Celebrating Royal Nuptials

Lacroix at The Rittenhouse Hotel is ready to satiate your inner-anglophile with three different afternoon tea options from now through the end of May, as well as a live screening of the royal nuptials on the morning of April 29.

Afternoon Royal Tea comes in three different varieties, depending on who you're into. For those folks on Team Willy, guests receive a plate of tea sandwiches, currant scones with strawberry preserves, and Devonshire cream. Savory tarts are also included in the price of $24.95. If you're hot for Kate, her version adds a glass of Cremant and Champagne biscuits to the Lacroix signature tea for $29.95. For those who can't decide, you might as well go big with the Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea, which includes everything above, plus a Commemorative Royal Coin Lacroix had designed to honor the momentous occasion.

If you really can't get enough of white gloves, white horses, and William's charming smile, Lacroix will be airing the wedding live at 5:30 AM on April 29. For $25, you can nosh on a Royal Breakfast of crumpets, grilled tomatoes, English sausages, bacon, eggs, Kedgeree (smoked haddock, grains curry), Orange Marmalade, Tate’s Golden Honey, Marmite, and English fave, HP Sauce.

Reservations must me made for the Royal Breakfast, and rumor has it that Philadelphia’s Honorary British Consul, Oliver St. Clair Franklin, O.B.E. will be in attendance to officiate the wedding. So, dust off your finest hat, and get the Burberry scarf out of storage, and work on your etiquette. Uncultured brutes are not welcome at this celebratory meal. [The Feast]

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