Kevin & Elmo: The Man Behind the Monster

The voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, will appear at Philly's Film Festival Friday

Kevin Clash is better known by his furry puppet counterpart, Elmo. Clash, who has long been the voice of the Sesame Street character, is now voicing his own story.

A film about Clash, Being Elmo will be screened at the 20th annual Philadelphia Film Festival this Friday with Clash scheduled to make a guest appearance, reports

The film tells the story of Clash’s life, from a teenager who didn’t fit in, to the appearance on a TV show that lead to Jim Henson according to

Being Elmo is said to be full of interesting stories about both the character’s history and the way Clash and others originally portrayed the little monster.

“We know what these characters represent, even if we don’t have kids around,” Clash told Metro. “We crack ourselves up, but it’s to a limit, so it’s always definitely G-rated... We respect what Jim [Henson] left with us, which is the wonderful legacy of that Muppet sense of humor that doesn’t need to go there.”

The film screening starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Prince Music Theater on Chestnut Street.

For more information visit the Film Festival’s website.

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