Karaoke On The Go

SING SING: For the Karaoke lover, nothing is cooler than iKaraoke.  This portable microhone let's you take the full scale of a karaoke machine with you on your iPod.  It also includes a program that will let you transform regular songs on your computer into karaoke videos with lyrics and all! $60 available at FredFlare.com

DECK THE HALLS: Be the life of the party with the newest party game from the makers of Guitar Hero, DJ Hero.  Learn to mix like the best of them with a control that looks and feels like a real turntable and a library of over 100 songs! $99 available at Best Buy, 2300 South Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA‎, (215) 336-2212

HUNG UP: Don't put your expensive handbag on the floor anymore.  These animal handbag hangers from Neiman Marcus are encrusted with Swarovski  crystals and give you a more stylish way to hang your "it" bag. $20 available at Neiman Marcus, 1634 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA‎, (215) 637-5900

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