J-Roll Speaks: Philly Sucks, Mr. Met It's On — Thanks Bob

Get cable, or ask the neighbor for some sugar and watch theirs

If you don’t have cable, get it.

Seriously, return the Cha-Cha-Chia Pet and the Clapper, nobody really wants them anyway. What people do want for Christmas is a good dose of Philly love.

This month HBO is featuring Costas Now, a rewind of all that has happened over the year in the world of sports. The program is hosted by none other than sports broadcasting icon Bob Costas.

Costas once again shows the world why he is one of the top sports journalists in the game, with his excellent reporting and laid back interviews.

Yeah he covers Michael Phelps and his Olympics blowout, the New York Giants Super Bowl victory and the Celtics return to the top, but who cares; actually Phelps was awesome to watch.

What us Philadelphians want is some brotherly love and Costas delivers.

The who’s who of sports in 2008 features special guests Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard who represent the Phillies with MVP caliber. Along with Tampa Bay Rays ace Scott Kazmir, Costas conducts a great interview with the three highlighted by game footage and various sportswriters’ recollection of how crazy in love Philadelphians are with their sports.

Welcome to our world.

Both Phils were well spoken and did a first class job representing the city. Rollins even added some Yule to the fire when Costas ask if there was an ongoing feud between the Phanatic and Mr. Met, “If there isn’t there should be” Rollins replied.

Nice J-Roll.

Rollins kept rolling bashing Shea Stadium, “I’m so glad they got rid of Shea,” he laughed, “it was so bad.”

Even Michael Jack Schmidt and Sir Charles Barkley made an appearance when Costas tossed to the Philly legendary duo that sat in an audience that was more star-studded than Howard’s ear bling.

Schmidt raved about the first Phillies World Series victory since the Hall of Famer anchored the 1980 team. "People keep coming up and congratulating me!" he told Costas. Schmidt laughed when he said it made him feel like he had a little something to do with it.

Barkley seated next to Schmidt, added that Philadelphia was "the best city in the world to win in but it sucks if your not."
Count on Charles to say what Jimmy couldn’t.

The crowd along with Costas laughed. Jimmy was probably thinking, “I told you so.”

The segment was about 15 minutes in length. It even tackled issues such as starting playoff games earlier so that they don’t run so late.

So return the gifts that nobody wants and get some HBO action this Christmas, or at the very least ask the neighbor for some sugar and watch theirs.

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