So Slee-pee

It's something many of us desperately need, but fail to get enough of: Zzzz

This could be for many reasons.  One, some of us don’t cut off our fluids early enough in the day.  You know what we’re talking about and so does Kathy in Hammonton, N.J.  She said:

“How many times should you wake up to use the bathroom?  I was told more than once isn't normal."
But, Dr. Helena Schotland at the Bryn Mawr Sleep Center says it's not unusual for people to wake up at night and not everyone wakes to use the bathroom.

“Sometimes people wake up for other reasons, like a dog barking, or you know, some other noise they heard, or they are uncomfortable in their position in bed so they make wake up and say, ‘Hmmm. While I am up, I may as well go to the bathroom...Some people do wake up because they feel the sensation that their bladder is full. Once a night is not unusual.  Twice a night is probably not unusual either. But, if you are waking up three, four, five times a night, that is unusual, and that may be something you might want to talk to your doctor about,” Schotland said.

But, what if you don’t have to go in the middle of the night?  What if your pillows are causing you agony?

Barbara in N.J. had a question you can rest your head on.  She wanted to know:

”How often should I replace my pillows?”

Drexel Sleep Center Director Dr. Joanne Getsy says toss those babies every six months.
"Pillows are relatively inexpensive, so you really want to replace it as soon as possible.  You'll get better sleep.  But really, it is important to understand that those little dust mites get into your pillow, and if you are allergic to them, they can disrupt your sleep and cause coughing and asthma…The pillow cases are less important to replace.  You just have to wash them a lot. Wash your pillowcase in hot water, same as your sheets, once a week, and change your pillow at minimum, every six months if possible.  Buy them on sale and replace them more often,” Dr. Getsy said.

OK.  So, what about those folks who can’t seem to fall asleep without some over-the-counter help?

Chiquilla e-mailed:

“I find myself using Tylenol PM frequently to get to sleep.  Can I become addicted?”

Dr. Samuel Krachman has this advice:

“A lot of the over-the-counter sleep aids have an antihistamine in them, which can give you a hangover effect the next day, but they are not addictive.”

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