If nothing else, Agave Grill will fill you up

Agave Grill offers adequate food without a whole lot of wow. Although the restaurant tries some daring twists on standard Mexican dishes, the outcome is questionable.

Stepping into the restaurant you’ll find potted palms, candlelit walls and a dramatic mural, that sets the stage nicely for a hearty Tex-Mex meal. The tables are scattered and offer intimate seating spaces.

Agave’s menu features new interpretations of classic Tex-Mex dishes like crab and goat cheese quesadillas (13.50), St. Louis ribs ($19) with a chipotle citrus glaze and a shrimp club ($10) featuring three layers of jumbo shrimp, bacon and chipotle mayo.

The chile rellenos ($7.50) are quite nice. The deep fried charred poplano pepper is topped with a spicy Spanish tomato sauce and has a nice kick without being overwhelmingly hot. The pepper is generously filled with a pleasant cotija cheese.

The big belly nachos ($7) is a mountainous appetizer stacked with melted queso, jalape�os, lettuce, black olives, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. The height makes them rather difficult to eat and rather than a combination of tastes the dish is easiest consumed bit by bit, contrary to the point of the dish.

The house salad ($5) is served, like all the salads on the menu, in a delicious, light and crispy edible tortilla bowl. The dish makes for an impressive presentation. Despite its beauty, the salad of mixed greens leaves a lot to be desired; the greens have an unappealing flavor.

On Sundays there’s a large brunch buffet for $14.95 that features breakfast standards, fresh fruits and prepared dishes.

And there’s salsa dancing lessons every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. and live music most Thursdays.

Overall, Agave Grill has some hits and some misses. For the price, though, it should be all good.

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