How Spread Bagelry Works Their Magic

In the short amount of time Spread Bagelry has been open in Rittenhouse, they've had a pretty wild ride. Their opening was delayed by construction issues, and then there was the matter of the fire on their second day in business, which shut them down for over a month. Now that everything is running smoothly, everyone can focus on their Montreal-style bagels, which are truly fantastic.

Owners Larry Rosenblum and Mark Cosgrove long lamented the lack of great bagels in Philly, and finally decided to do something about it.

"My grandparents were bakers during World War II, so it's in my blood," said Rosenblum. "We headed to Montreal, where many Jewish refugees ended up, to do research on this specific style of bagel. Now, we bring it home to Philadelphia."

Montreal-style bagels are baked in a wood-fired oven, instead of using conventional methods.

"The bagels are first hand-rolled and then boiled in honey water. After cooking in the pot, they're seeded, and then head into the oak wood-fired oven to be baked," said co-owner Mark Cosgrove. "It imparts a smoky, sweet flavor. And the consistency is lighter, and more airy."

For a more detailed look at the process, check out the video above. Spread Bagelry also offers homemade spreads to customize their flagship product, and even bakes the turkey for their sandwiches in that same monstrous oven. [The Feast]

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