Hoopz on Club Etiquette

With a boyfriend like Shaquille O'Neal you would think Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander would be used to fighting off the groupies, but according to Hoopz, reality is a bit different from reality television—a subject she's also well-versed in, thanks to her appearances on Flavor of Love and I Love Money. However, we were curious: when it comes to bar fights, what would Hoopz do? And, more importantly, how does she handle the stress of dating such a huge star? She answers these question, and explains why no girl is fool enough to even try it, in the clip above.

And if you've got a burning question—or if you just wanna live like Hoopz—shoot us an email at Boston@TheFeast.com and we'll be sure to ask her.

Nicole Alexander brings her expert experience, gleaned both courtside and clubside, to our new series: Hoopz Dreams.

(Camera by Leah Mennies).

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