Hidden Tracks: Chris Cubeta is “Faithful”

It’s been a long week. I have a head cold and I had to watch yet another Super Bowl without my beloved Eagles playing in it. But I will muddle through. As a fan of all Philly sports teams it’s something I’ve learned to do.

Thankfully I still have music. That’s something that never lets me down. And isn’t that what we use music for mostly? To alter our mood. Where do we turn when we want to celebrate an event? Or get the party started? Or when I am writing, and especially when I need to ease my broken heart.

Nothing else can change my frame of mind like a song. Watching this year’s Super Bowl, and seeing Bruce Springsteen crank it up had my heart racing almost as fast as the end of the game. And that’s exactly the way music should be.

When music is good it has a way of making the world seem correct. Maybe slant our perspective in a way we didn’t anticipate. To make us feel something, anything. Even if those feelings are not always the most comfortable. Because good songwriters reach inside and give us something to look at in ourselves.

This week’s artist does just that. Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club have a way of changing my state of mind when I pop their latest release, “Faithful” into the player. From the opening beats of “Me and the Radio”, an upbeat call out to music and love, to the hard driving “I Never Meant to be This Way” there isn’t a misstep on this record.

Cubeta brings the highs and lows of love throughout the CD. “Clementine” is such a heartbreaking tune that anyone who has had a lost love will feel the catharsis in the simple arrangement. And “Better Alone” is a song about just that. Complicated relationships and feeling the need to get out.

This is a solid effort from the Brooklynite. And I eagerly await what comes next. Because trying to choose my favorite song for you to download was a little difficult. But I did finally make that choice.

And you have two chances to see Chris and the Liars Club this week. They are performing on NBC10’s “The 10! Show” Friday morning February 6 at 11 a.m. and then later that night at The Tin Angel. I had the chance to see Chris on stage before and I highly recommend catching both.

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