Gunfire Erupts in Philly Tuesday Night

Three shooting incidents in Philadelphia Tuesday night leave two suspects hospitalized and one teenage boy dead.

The deadly shooting happened in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city. 

The teen was killed at Newkirk and Susquehanna at around 8:30pm. 

There is no word on any arrests or a motive.

Gunfire also erupted in West Philadelphia at around 9pm as police shot a suspect several times.

It all happened at around 9pm in the 500 block of North Felton Street.
A 34-year-old man was rushed to the hospital with several gunshot wounds, police said.
There is no word on his condition or what led to the shooting.
Philadelphia police were involved in another shooting Tuesday night on West Oak Lane at 20th Street and 74th Avenue.
An officer was trying to subdue a suspect when the officer shot him, police said.
The suspect is in the hospital in stable condition.  The officer was not hurt.

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