Great Valley High School Principal Resigns, Seeks Treatment After Admitting to Stealing Prescriptions From Nurse's Office

'I deeply regret any pain I may have caused, and I apologize to anyone who feels I have let them down," Michael Flick said while resigning as principal of Great Valley High School

What to Know

  • Michael Flick resigned as principal of Great Valley High School on Tuesday.
  • Flick is charged with stealing drugs from the school nurse's office.
  • Assistant Principal Dr. Heidi Capetola will step in as principal as the school offers services to students.

A principal of a Chester County high school is out of a job after he admitted to taking students' ADHD prescription medications from the nurse’s office, the school district said.

Great Valley High School Principal Michael Flick resigned from the Malvern school, effective immediately, school district Superintendent Regina Speaker Palubinsky said in a letter sent to parents and guardians Tuesday.

On Oct. 24, the school nurse noticed three pills missing from the nurse's cart, which was locked up in an office, a criminal complaint said.

An audit revealed that a total 93 pills taken from six different prescription bottles belonging to five different students, police said. The pills were for varying medications, listed as controlled substances, used to treat ADHD.

Only a small number of people had access to the pills, police said. Surveillance video showed Flick entering the locked room.

Flick, a 1992 graduate of Great Valley who became principal in 2009, admitted his involvement while being interviewed by police Friday, the criminal complaint said.

He is “seeking treatment,” the district said.

“This news comes as a tremendous shock to our school community, and there are many details that we are not able to share,” Palubinsky said. “However, together, we will work through this difficult time. Mr. Flick’s intent was not to harm students, and he has asked that we share with you his apology and deep regrets.”

The district shared a letter that Flick sent them:

“I deeply regret any pain I may have caused, and I apologize to anyone who feels I have let them down,” Flick said. “It is with a very sad heart that I am resigning as principal as I seek treatment and rehabilitation and the opportunity to focus on my health and family. I encourage anyone dealing with these issues to reach out for help. May our students view my experience as a reminder that seeking professional help is always the right decision.”

Flick was arrested and arraigned on multiple theft and drug charges and posted bond Tuesday, court records said.

Around 1,300 students in grades 9 to 12 attend Great Valley. Dr. Heidi Capetola, an assistant principal at Great Valley since 2012, is taking over as principal, Palubinsky said.

Great Valley is meeting with staff to ensure that they are giving students guidance about mental health and substance abuse services, Palubinsky said. Counselors will be on hand and Flick’s sudden departure will be addressed with students Wednesday.

“We are committed to proactively offering support services to our school community,” she said.

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