Grab a Philly Favorite in the Frozen Foods Section

One of Philly’s most beloved restaurants will soon take their service to a whole new level. Tony Luke Jr. of (of course) Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks will offer frozen cheesesteaks in the fall. And if that's not soon enough, you can order them online (eight for $27.95).

But before you call blasphemy or outrage, hear us out.

Working with Rastelli Foods Group, Tony Luke’s frozen cheesesteaks are not your average Hot-Pocket-esque frozen food.

“The patent pending process that we have developed to create the Tony Luke’s Pronto product, takes the gourmet “sous vide” cooking technique to another level,” Luke Jr. said.

Sous vide translates to “under vacuum,” and in cooking refers to the French method of cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches by boiling water.

“This is a giant step forward in frozen food technology. We’re taking one of America’s favorite foods -- because if you travel you see that cheesesteaks are everywhere now -- and serving it up juicy, tasty with an Italian bread roll that is fresh and flaky in just a few minutes. The quality, the convenience and the flavor is just unbelievable for a product prepared in a microwave or boil-in-bag,” Luke Jr. added.

Having tried “Philly cheesesteaks” from places outside of the tri-state area, I can attest to the fact that cheesesteaks are just awful everywhere else. And with news that Tony Luke's will sell frozen cheesesteaks in supermarkets nationwide by the end of 2009, the rest of the country can stop eating “Philly cheesesteaks” and start eating a Philly cheesesteak.

Rastelli and Tony Luke's will offer their cheesesteak, roast pork and chicken cheesesteak sandwiches, packed blast-frozen with two per box ready to heat and assemble in just minutes. Some area ShopRites already carry the brand.

If I’m out of the area and can’t get a real cheesesteak, I’ll give it a shot. How about you?

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