Getting Ready to Kick It in Chester

Chester is closer to "kickin' it" at the foot of the Commodore Barry

Chester is closer to "kickin' it" at the foot of the Commodore Barry Bridge -- "kickin'" being an obvious soccer reference.

It's official now, as the shovel has in fact scooped dirt -- Chester is getting a Major League Soccer team.

The team will actually be called the Philadelphia somethingorothers -- they don't actually have a name yet. With 6,000 season ticket plans already sold for the now-under-construction, 18,500-seat stadium along the Delaware River, a name-that-team contest is no doubt on the horizon.
The "Sons of Ben" soccer club really grassrooted this plan through the pipes. They convinced the state of Pennsylvania to kick in, they got Delaware County and Chester City officials to help out and, above all, they convinced Major League Soccer that the Delaware Valley can produce enough soccer fanatics to fill a rather large soccer stadium.
For some before and after pictures of this snazzy new stadium and the waterfront revitalization check out

And, for all you DelVal soccer fans, get that face paint ready (although we don't know what colors you'll need). MLS soccer -- or futbol as they say -- kicks off in Chester in Spring 2010.

How cool would it be if it caught on to the point you had kayakers out in the river racing for over-kicked balls from the river side of the stadium?

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