Get Your Limited Edition G-Shock

SHOCKER: Casio is known for innovation when it comes to technology, but now they're getting in on the style game by asking artists like Mister Cartoon, Todd Jordan and Redman to collaborate on their uber-popular G-Shock model. These limited-edition timepieces debuted at a star-studded launch party featuring a performance by Kanye West who's a huge fan of the brand. And you know if Kanye's a fan, they have to be hot! $120 available at

SAY MY NAME: Personalized initial pendants by Ritzy Misfit make the perfect gift for you or a very lucky someone. Use your first name as inspiration or pick any letter that's special to you for a one-of-a-kind necklace. Each initial starts as a wax seal and then it's cast into metal to create your keepsake. They're even available in a rainbow of colors to suit you mood! $24 available at Ritzy Misfit's Etsy Store.

FACE IN A CASE: What could be easier than a make-up palette? Deici Colori takes the guess work out of making up your face every day by combining shades that blend together to create a more perfect you. No matter what your skin tone, there's a palette that's sure to compliment it!  $64 available at

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