Get the Most out of the Fireworks

This Saturday, June 25th, marks the second day of the 11-day, city-wide freak out known as our celebration of the Fourth of July, and the first of three nights of fireworks. The pop-bang-booms are a symbol of independence and freedom of course, though the thick crowds and slimy hot dogs may leave you feeling a bit constrained. We've put together a guide for you to maximize enjoyment of your fireworks outing and let freedom ring true!

1. Wherever You Go, Go Early
This Saturday, the fireworks will be going down at Penn's Landing as soon as the day decides to grow dark. Our research suggests the sunset for Saturday is slated for 8:33 p.m. That means you should have your spot by 7:30 p.m. Oh, and don't even think about driving. Parking will be a nightmare. Take the train or bike it and save your sanity.

2. BYOB: Bring Your Own Party
Stop by Paesano's and get some gourmet hoagies, or put together an exotic cheese picnic from Dibruno's. Does freedom mean ice cream for dinner for you? Go to Franklin Fountain and get a malt, fizz or shake to go. Of course, you'll need a beverage. Pick up a crisp Heferweisen from the Foodery or get a nice, cheap Riesling from the Graces Trading Company, or hell, it is a celebration, get a bottle of champagne from a nearby Wine & Spirits store.

3. Pack a No-Fuss Set Up
Forget about lugging beach chairs and coolers to the river, roll up a super-light blanket to sit on and throw an ice pack in your bag to keep beverages cold.

4. Consider Alternative Locations
Undoubtedly, Penn's Landing will be crowded, but, if you're willing to get a bit of distance from ground zero, there are plenty of great spots to catch the sky show. Find a prime spot at the newly opened Race Street Pier or Penn Treaty Park, drink and dine at Cavanaugh's River Deck, or for true seclusion and an awesome alternative view, set up camp on the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway.

5. Do as the Insiders Do
Follow the Wawa Welcome America people on Facebook or Twitter and keep an eye on our own Feast Twitter to get updates on great, uncrowded spots, freebies, and discounts on stuff to aid in your fireworks viewing pleasure.

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