Get Big Little John

Eagles tight end L.J. Smith had a big day

Brian Westbrook fueled an Eagles victory over the Giants but a tight end who has been m.i.a. for most of the season added some fire.

L.J. Smith, the beleaguered Eagles tight end, made some key catches to move the chains as the Eagles put New York to bed.

The line for Smith -- six catches for 44 yards -- would hardly raise the eyebrows of the fantasy football nation but the contribution of Smith went beyond the box score.

Overall his six grabs and 44 yards were both season highs but his grit is what Eagles fans are taking away from the game. The determination and toughness to move the chains makes Little John (L.J. is short for Little John") look like the big man -- at least for one week  -- the Eagles hoped he would be when the Birds put the franchise tag on him before the season.

Of his six catches three went for huge first downs including two first-down grabs in a critical second-quarter touchdown drive. He literally dragged defenders along to move the chains.

Smith has been a "no show" for some Birds contests this season including two games that he didn't play and one where he caught no passes.

Once a favorite target of Donovan McNabb is seemed as though the tight end had fallen out of favor.

For one week Smith was back to his old self and the Eagles won -- coincidence?

Most likely Smith won't be back next year but Eagles fans should rejoice that he seems primed to make this season last as long as possible.

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